Ministry of Trade


Name of Cabinet Minister:
Dr. Bandula Gunwardena
9th Parliament of Sri Lanka
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Ministry Website:
Not Available
Parent SOE:
Co- Operative Wholesale Establishment

Initiating actions to make available required consumer commodities to the general public through a competitive local trade network safeguarding the consumer rights.

  1. Providing policy guidance to relevant State Ministry, and formulating policies in relation to the subject of Trade, in conformity with the prescribed Laws, Acts and Ordinances, implementation of projects under the national budget, state Investment and National Development Programme, and formulating, implementing, monitoring and evaluating policies, programmes and projects, related to subjects and functions under below-mentioned Departments, State Corporations and Statutory Institutions for the creation of “consumer protection and an active co-operative service enterprise” based on the national policies implemented by the government, and in accordance with the policy statement “Vistas of Prosperity and Splendour”.
  2. Preventing shortages of goods and price volatility arising from market imbalances
  3. Broadening the market for local farm products
  4. Expanding the supply of quality goods in the market through imports and local productions
  5. Formulating and institutionalizing policies to expand cooperative sales outlet network and expand people centric goods and services distribution centres

Ms. J. M. B. Jayawardana(Secretary to the Ministry of Trade )