Ministry of Tourism


Name of Cabinet Minister:
Prasanna Ranathunga
9th Parliament of Sri Lanka
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Strengthening the tourism industry as a high foreign exchange earner, employment and livelihood generating sector thereby making Sri Lanka an attractive tourist destination highlighting Sri Lankan culture, biodiversity, environmental friendliness and the friendly identity of the people.

  1. Providing policy guidance to relevant State Ministry, and formulating policies in relation to the subject of Tourism, in conformity with the prescribed Laws, Acts and Ordinances, implementation of projects under the national budget, state Investment and National Development Programme, and formulating, implementing, monitoring and evaluating policies, programmes and projects, related to subjects and functions under below-mentioned Departments, State Corporations and Statutory Institutions for the creation of “an environmental and local culture friendly, high foreign exchange earning tourism industry” based on the national policies implemented by the government, and in accordance with the policy statement “Vistas of Prosperity and Splendour”.
  2. Formulating a programme for the development of the industry as an environment and local cultural friendly tourism with the broad participation of people
  3. Formulation of a special mechanism for the safety of the tourists
  4. Identifying new attractive destinations for the foreign tourists
  5. Provision of facilities for the conduct of business seminars, functions, exhibitions and seminars in order to attract tourists
  6. Providing investments and other facilities to the private sector for the development of tourism industry
  7. Establishing tourist service centers at road junctions connecting the main tourist cities
  8. Regulating the tourist facilities approval process through establishment of regional offices
  9. Establishing tourism training schools in main tourist cities and introduction of attractive skill development courses
  10. Development of homestead and community based tourism industry
  11. Initiating actions for the registration, training and certification of identity of all tourist guides and drivers
  12. Introduction of a special programme for creation of tourism industry related entrepreneurs
  13. Provision of facilities for tourists by adoption of information technology
  14. Adoption of a methodology through one coordinating center under the ONE Stop concept
  15. Establishment of high standard tourism hotels, and doubling the number of hotel rooms currently available
  16. Introducing a methodology in imparting accurate knowledge and information to the tourist guides for the dissemination of correct information relating to national heritages and archeological sites among the tourists

Mr. S. Hettiarachchi(Secretary to the Ministry of Tourism )