Ministry of Higher Education, Technology and Innovation


Name of Cabinet Minister:
Bandula Gunawardana
Eighth Parliament of the D.S.R. of Sri Lanka
Office of the Cabinet of Ministers - Sri Lanka
Ministry Website:

Formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of policies, programmes and projects; in relation to subject of Higher Education Technology and Innovation and the subjects of the departments, statutory institutions, laws and regulations under the purview of Ministry of Higher Education, Technology and Innovation

Management and development of State Universities under the administration of the University Grants Commission

Affiliation and promotion of cooperation with international academic institutions and other organizations with the objective of improving the quality of higher education in Sri Lanka

Identification and adoption of appropriate criteria in broadening avenues for higher education

Implementation of scholarship programmes so as to enable the qualified students in Sri Lanka to gain entrance to the International Universities

Effecting necessary policy revisions in strengthening the universal system for producing graduate who will be matching the demand in the job market and the provision of human resources required for the said purpose

Adopting necessary measures to secure international recognition for degree courses conducted by the universities in Sri Lanka

Adoption of necessary measures for regulating and accrediting private and international universities and institutions of higher education operating in Sri Lanka

Provision of facilities for higher education for youth community

Uplifting Buddhist and Pali studies and provision of facilities required for higher education of Bhikkus

Provision of necessary facilities for local research and discoveries to fall in line with new discoveries made in research conducted in the fields of science and technology internationally

Improving science, technology and innovations for a knowledge based economic development

Adoption of measures to expand scientific, technical, social and economic research and development activities

Provision of facilities to research and research institutes to plan and conduct research

Provision of information on findings and knowledge from new research and findings, including nano, robotic, mechatronic and biotechnology, to relevant stakeholders including the business community

Provision of technical assistance to research programmes conducted by research institutions under the purview of other Ministries

Adoption of measures to guide and motivate the community towards inventions

Launching National innovation programmes to assist a creative economy, funding, providing facilities for higher technological enterprises and regulating and evaluation investment policies relating to innovative enterprises and productivity of strategies adopted

Introducing science, technology and innovations to the community and creating related entrepreneurs

Actively contributing to achieving National development objectives through coordinating all research institutions functioning in Sri Lanka

Coordinating with international science, technological and research institutions and implementing cooperative programmes

Achieving economic progress by launching programmes of science, technology and research through bilateral and multilateral cooperation with various countries

Implementing research for the promotion and development of leading sectors of the National Economy such as construction industry, tourism, agriculture, technical, financial, commerce and management, information technology skills development.

Matters relating administration of the International Convention on Intellectual Property and functions relating to World Intellectual Property Office

Enforcing standards and matters related to administration

Supervising all institutions under the purview of Ministry of Higher Education, Technology and Innovation and matters relating to all subjects assigned to such institutions.

Mr. D.M.A.R.B. Dissanayake(Secretary to the Ministry of Higher Education, Technology and Innovation)