Ministry of Foreign Relations


Name of Cabinet Minister:
Dinesh Gunawardana
Eighth Parliament of the D.S.R. of Sri Lanka
Office of the Cabinet of Ministers - Sri Lanka
Ministry Website:

Formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of policies, programmes and projects; in relation to subject of Foreign Relations and the subjects of the departments, statutory institutions, laws and regulations under the purview of Ministry of Foreign Relations

Maintaining diplomatic relations with foreign countries broadening the cooperation of Sri Lanka as an active member internationally thereby stabilizing the good image of Sri Lanka abroad

Responding appropriately counteract adverse propaganda affecting the good image of Sri Lanka and stabilize the image of Sri Lanka

Maintenance of diplomatic relations with foreign countries, and conduct negotiations in relation to treaties, agreements and conventions

Provision of diplomatic immunities and privileges

Providing necessary assistance to the relevant ministries and institutions for the promotion of external trade, investment, tourism, employment and external financial relations

Taking necessary measures to promote the administration of personnel attached to Sri Lanka Foreign Service and overseas diplomatic missions and their professional skills

Studying geo-political trends and advising the Government on strategies to be adopted in the management of such trends in a manner beneficial to the interest of Sri Lanka

Adopting necessary actions in relation to the welfare of Sri Lankan residents in foreign countries

Provision of consular services

Adopting necessary measures in compliance with national policies to widen international cooperation, coordination and providing necessary advise to the Government

Actively engage with International and regional associations of political, economic, environmental, social and cultural cooperation

Consolidating foreign relations required for the protection of Territorial integrity and maritime rights of Sri Lanka

Supervising all institutions under the purview of Ministry of Foreign Relations and matters relating to all subjects assigned to such institutions

Mr. R.P. Ariyasinghe(Secretary to the Ministry of Foreign Relations)