Ministry of Finance, Economy and Policy Development


Name of Cabinet Minister:
Mahinda Rajapaksa
Eighth Parliament of the D.S.R. of Sri Lanka
Office of the Cabinet of Ministers - Sri Lanka
Ministry Website:

Formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of policies, programmes and projects; in relation to Public Finance, Taxation and Economic Affairs in accordance with the National Policy Plan and the subject of the departments, statutory institutions, laws and regulations under the purview of Ministry of Finance, Economy and Policy Development

Formulation of policies relating to public finance and national revenue preparation of the legal framework and operation of the other programmes

Formulation of public finance and macro finance management policies and their operation and co-ordination

Liaison with international development finance institutions, organizations and international financial market

Preparation of Annual Budget, implementation, enforcement of financial control, implementation and financial resources management

Implementation of National Taxation policies, strengthening the institutional structure and effective utilization of state revenue

Enforcing and regulating the Government Financial Regulations

Management of the Consolidated Fund and supervision of departmental and any other state funds

Overall supervision and management of revenue agencies

Management of public expenditure

Coordinating Government Procurement Process with the National Procurement Commission and providing consultancy services Maintaining relations with the Treasury with regard to the Public Accounts Committee, Committee on Public Enterprises and the other Parliamentary Committees on Finance and maintaining relevant records

Management of Public Service cadres

Reviewing and evaluating the progress in the implementation of development programmes in accordance with the National Policy.

Formulating guidelines for the promotion of management auditing in Government Departments

Matters relating to multilateral and bilateral economic conventions

Formulation of Financial Policies and Macro Economic Management in coordination with the Central Bank of Sri Lanka

Monitoring collection of revenue and expenditure

Management matters relating to state bank and financial agencies

Control of insurance affairs

Coordinating with the Institute of Charted Accountants, Institute of Certified Management Accountants in Sri Lanka and facilitation

Formulating National Policies in order to achieve National Economic and Social Development Goals

Formulation of National Development Programmes and Projects

Coordinating with the public and private sectors facilitating the participation of private sector in the Economic Development and Creating the required environment for enhancing the efficiency

Contributing to the sustainable development of all nations

Formulating national policies to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

Supervising all institutions under the purview of Ministry of Finance, Economy and Policy Development and matters relating to all subjects assigned to such institutions.

S. R. Attygalle(Secretary to the Ministry of Finance, Economy and Policy Development )