Ministry of Education


Name of Cabinet Minister:
Dullas Alahapperuma
Eighth Parliament of the D.S.R. of Sri Lanka
Office of the Cabinet of Ministers - Sri Lanka
Ministry Website:

Formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of policies, programmes and projects; in relation to the subject of Education and the subjects of the departments and statutory institutions, laws and regulations under the purview of Ministry of Education

Analysis and formulation of sectorial policies related to education development so as to ensure good rapport between early childhood, primary, secondary and tertiary divisions

Implementation and regulation of a national policy methodology for pre-schools

Creation of a national system of education that will provide the capacity to meet the competitive world with self-confidence and assurance of success

Adopting necessary measures for the provision of child friendly and environmental friendly all human resources of required standards for National Schools

Regulating international schools in conformity with the national education policy

Promotion and development of harnessing modern technological facilities including computer laboratories for the learning and teaching process

Taking policy measures required for the maintenance of quality of education, student discipline and morality

Adoption of measures to ensure education opportunities for students with special needs

Implementing and directing programmes for the provision of school text books uniforms and other necessities and facilities in conformity with the state policy

Promotion and Development of school libraries

All physical facilities including sanitary facilities of all schools, students friendly classrooms, teachers residential and restroom facilities and development of environmental friendly schools subject to a common standard in national schools as well as in schools managed by the Provincial Councils

Matters relating to administration and personnel management of the Sri Lanka Education Administrative, Principal and Teachers Service

Coordinating education and student welfare, transport and sanitation activities in provincial councils managed schools, international schools and private schools within a national policy framework

Producing children required to ensure effective learning and teaching process and training of teachers and their skills development

Adoption of necessary measures to promote national language and link language education

Administration of School Development Boards

Legalizing educational institutions

Promotion of Buddhist and Pali Studies and upliftment of Piriven education to meet the objectives of religious education

Supervising all institutions under the purview of Ministry of Education and matters relating to all subjects assigned to such institutions

Mr. N.H.M. Chitrananda(Secretary to the Ministry of Education)