Ministry of Education


Name of Cabinet Minister:
Incumbent Dinesh Gunawardena since 16 August 2021
9th Parliament of Sri Lanka
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Providing opportunities for the future generation to access child friendly education, innovation-based knowledge
and an excellent higher education system by adoption of sustainable education strategies in order to empower the
Sri Lankan people towards a knowledge-based socio-economy.

  1. Providing policy guidance to relevant State Ministries, and formulating policies in relation to the subject of Education, in conformity with the prescribed Laws, Acts and Ordinances, implementation of projects under
    the national budget, state Investment and National Development Programme, and formulating, implementing, monitoring and evaluating policies, programmes and projects, related to subjects and tasks under below- mentioned Departments, State Corporations and Statutory Institutions for the creation of a “knowledgeable society” based on the national policies implemented by the government, and in line with the policy statement “Vistas of Prosperity and Splendour”.
  1. Establishing the necessary institutional framework to implement the National Education Policies planned by the Presidential Task Force for Education Reforms.
  2. Providing the policy guidance for the preparation of a clear road map from pre-school education to the completion of higher education.
  3. Establishing a policy framework to undertake comprehensive reforms to establish a quality education system to which each child would have right to access.
  4. Reviewing and updating existing relevant circulars, provisions, rules and regulations for expeditious resolving of the administrative issues of school teachers and establishing a Special Monitoring Unit for the efficient functioning of the existing institutional structures.
  5. Restructuring the school system, subsequent to a survey done on the school requirements.
  6. Providing a policy solution for the placement of teachers based on the requirements.
  7. Implementing programs to promote extracurricular activities in schools in collaboration with the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs.
  8. Formulating a methodology to minimize time taken to enter Universities.
  9. Taking measures to upgrade facilities in universities and in hostels.
  10. Revise curricula within the overall Education Reforms Policy to create graduates targeting domestic and foreign job markets.
  11. Providing Information Technology facilities for universities.
  12. Selecting beneficiaries of Mahapola and Bursary Financial assistance programs by a formalized methodology and expanding the facilities.
  13. Taking measures to expand the Ocean University and the Kotalawala Defence University.
  14. Taking steps to upgrade all state universities to a high position in world rankings.
  15. Facilitating and encouraging research and innovation in university education.
  16. Taking measures to eradicate the culture of ragging from all universities and other higher educational institutions.
  17. Taking measures to establish Smart Learning Universities.

Prof. Kapila Perera(Secretary to the Ministry of Education )