Ministry of Defense


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Eighth Parliament of the D.S.R. of Sri Lanka
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Formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of policies, programmes and projects; in relation to subject of Defence and the subjects of the departments, statutory institutions, laws and regulations under the purview of Ministry of Defense.

Ensuring Defence of the country by the facilitation of functions of the Defence services

Maintenance of internal security

Maintenance of Defence and internal security-related intelligence services

Maintaining relations with visiting Armed Forces and extending cooperation in international humanitarian operations

Welfare Activities relating to veteran and disabled soldiers

Development of Service competencies and skills of Defence Service Personnel by the provision of Defence Education, Post service education and higher education

Managing and regulating the matters relating to explosives and firearms

Matters relating to maintenance of Light Houses (other than those belonging to the Ports Authority)

Regulatory matters relating to private security services

Administering rescue operations and Coast Guard Service

Matters relating to Extradition Laws

Maintenance of law and order

Implementation of strategies comprising broad reforms ensuring social discipline

Improving Human Resource Management and Service Efficiency of the Police Service in accordance with the guidelines of National Police Commission

Adopting measures to prevent and combat crimes and anti-social activities

Controlling of vehicular traffic

Promote sustain development in the telecommunication industry by shaping the regulatory process, protecting public interest and being responsive to challenges in an increasingly competitive market

Take necessary measures for the provision of information and communication technology facilities for all by adoption of modern technologies

Facilitate and supervise information technology transformation initiatives for promoting productivity and efficiency in the delivery of services by the public sector organizations, statutory organizations and other public enterprises

Implementation of programmes for promotion of information and communication technology literacy

Development of strategies to encourage and increase the use of information and communication technologies in all segments of the society, and co-ordinate and facilitate the information and communication technology initiatives in partnership with the private sector

Matters related to cyber security incident response and prevention by operationalizing the National Point of Contact and providing the necessary technical support to law enforcement agencies in digital forensic investigations

Prevention and control of the use of dangerous drugs

Matters relating to Immigration and Emigration

Matters relating to Sri Lankan citizenship

Registration of Persons

Providing opportunities to contribute to the country’s development process coordinating the affairs of the Non-governmental Organizations within a National Policy Framework

Promoting construction capable of withstanding the impact of natural disasters and providing technical guidance

Landslide disaster management and conduct related research and development

Encourage research and development into appropriate technology for housing & construction sector

Meteorological surveys and research

Forecasting of natural disasters and sensitizing relevant sectors regarding them

Coordination of awareness programmes on natural disasters and man-made disasters

Implementation of measures for rescue operations during natural and man-made disasters

Coordination of international humanitarian relief service programmes

Monitoring of all institutions under the purview of Ministry of Defense and matters relating to all subjects assigned to the said institutions

Major General (Retd) Kamal Gunaratne(Secretary to the Ministry of Defence)