Ministry of Defence


Name of Cabinet Minister:
H.E President Gotabaya Rajapaksa
9th Parliament of Sri Lanka
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Creating a country where law and order is established, devoid of crime, anti-social and terrorist activities, thereby guaranteeing the security of all communities of Sri Lanka prioritising the consolidation of National Security.

  1. Providing policy guidance to relevant State Ministry, and formulating policies in relation to the subject of
    Defence, in conformity with the prescribed Laws, Acts and Ordinances, implementation of projects under the
    national budget, state Investment and National Development Programme, and formulating, implementing,
    monitoring and evaluating policies, programmes and projects, related to subjects and tasks under below mentioned Departments, State Corporations and Statutory Institutions for the creation of a “Secured country” based on the national policies implemented by the government, and in line with the policy statement “Vistas of Prosperity and Splendour”.
  2. Initiating necessary measures to ensure National Security.
  3. Ensuring Public Security by the creation of a conducive environment for all citizens to live freely without fear and mistrust.
  4. Creating a secure environment in the country that facilitates foreign and local investment opportunities, as well as state and private economic activities.
  5. Creation of a country free from drugs by working jointly with the relevant Presidential Task Force for prevention of the influx of drugs into the country, control of the drug menace, prevention from falling prey to drugs, rehabilitation of those addicted to drugs.
  6. Administration, services and welfare activities relating to retired deceased and disabled personnel who served in the tri-forces, police and civil security force and members of their families.

Major General (Retd.) Kamal Gunaratna(Secretary to the Ministry of Defense )